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Low-risk, flexible, cloud-based unified communications and collaboration services to transform your business
NEC Cloud Collaboration is an easy-to-use, enterprise-grade collaboration solution delivered as a service. It will transform your business collaboration and communications by offering a low-risk, flexible, cloud-based solution that brings together smart devices and social media to deliver unified communications and collaboration through the cloud.
NEC Cloud Collaboration is available as a per-month, per-user subscription service with low establishment costs. This drives down costs and improves productivity. It is fully customisable to meet the needs of different types of workers across your organisation, from office-based employees through to mobile sales teams and executives.
The road to cloud UC and collaboration. How Australian businesses can benefit from emerging collaboration technologies - Download our infographic (200KB PDF)
This report identifies the existing telephony and unified communications (UC) delivery models and highlights approaches to overcome challenges facing organisations moving to modern UC.
Read the report to learn how cloud-based UC, either through a cloud-only or a hybrid approach, can assist in reducing the cost and complexity in moving to unified communications. Also discover the key things to consider if contemplating cloud-based UC.